Sunday, June 25, 2006

cool is cool

i guess it was too bright in the house b/c my kid decided he needed sunglasses. he's actually quite pimp-ilicious!

yes i am actually sewing...

when kenny was home for R&R he saw some material at walmart, no he wasn't actually IN the craft section we were walking past, and he saw this army material and asked me to make him a blanket. me! sew a blanket! saw anything! i told him i would do it for him. so here i am. sewing. i must admit i had to ask dana for help, but once i was shown what to do i zoomed right through it. i was just a little rusty and had to get back into the rythm. all-in-all it came out alright. he better like it, too. i say that knowing full well he will LOVE it b/c i made it for him. he's pretty good about that. he says i'm the best wife in the whole wide you think he just tries to butter me up so i will do things for him? like make a blanket?

getting big

my son is getting so big. he pulls himself up on EVERYTHING! he is very mobile as well. i have 2 baby gates up to keep him out of the kitchen, but it's such a pain to climb over. we were visiting dana and this is her coffee table. she has to clear it off every time we come over b/c baby is grabby and gets everything off the table and onto the floor. and that is the reason why i don't have a coffee table.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

how to sit

ok so he hasn't quite figured out the correct way to sit in a chair. but look at that face!!


i went shopping while i was in raleigh and look what i picked up! isn't he cute? i think i'll keep him. do you think kenny will like it? funny thing, he liked being in there so much he didn't wanna get out. what a silly little man!

Friday, June 16, 2006

starting early

somebody got caught with daddy's beer! he was so liking that green bottle. he would just stare at it everytime kenny drank one. and i thought i had at least 15 years until i had to worry about that talk! and in case you are wondering, he didn't drink any. even i don't like a heinekin. yuck!


now here's a funny story. the baby was trying so hard to get to where daddy and i were. but he couldn't figure out that going around the chair would get him to us, so he tried to go through the opening between the couch and the chair. all i saw was his little eyeball peeking at us! he started crying shortly after i took this from frustration so i had to go get him. but he sure was funny!

my birthday

for my birthday we went to carolins jack's. i forget what i had to eat-something yummy-but i did have 2 ameretto sours. would you believe i got a little tipsy? i'm such a light weight again! haha! we had spent the afternoon in the emergency room with the little guy b/c he had a fever. poor baby's whole head was on fire. i was using tylenol to bring it down but that doesn't work. they gave him motrin when we got there and less than 45 minutes later he was back to his normal funny self, as you can see. they said he had a viral something or other, but when i followed up with his pediatrician a few days later he said he had an ear infection that was draining. now i wonder how the ER doctor missed it? oh well, he got over it. i still use tylenol for his teeth, but for a fever its motrin all the way. works like a charm!

Monday, June 12, 2006

my adorable son is fascinated by his reflection. he can't seem to figure out who that cute baby is that he's playing with. haha! once he discovered that mirror, it became his 'happy place.' if he got grouchy i could usually put him in front of it and he would stand up and bang on it with his hands or his forehead when he looked too closely. he was so fun.

i'm back in action, baby!

this is daddy and baby kenny seeing each other for the first time in 4 months. there was about 5 or 6 other soldiers who had gotten off the plane in raleigh at the same time as kenny, but he was the only one RUNNING down the stairs to get to us. the baby was a little wary at first but by the time daddy left he was crying to him for things and not just me! it was great, that means he loves his daddy. they got along so great. i am so in love with them both.