Sunday, July 30, 2006

alexandria bay aqua zoo

we went to the aqua zoo in alexandria bay today. it was so fun. look at the pretty fishies. heehee!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

a day at thae beach

so today we went to the beach. it was supposed to rain and be ugly but we got so lucky. it was sunshiny and the waves were nice and big. we had such a good time. before i go on, i will explain who 'we' is. lil man and i went with my friend, dana, and her three boys, trent 10, trevor 7, and tucker 5. its a good thing we got the explorer b/c we NEVER would have fit everybody into her little ford focus. lol. but we had a blast! i did good slathering the baby in sunscreen but i didnt do as well with myself. i got fried. my feet, my shins, my thighs, my upper back and face. my legs are so crispy that they hurt if i get up to walk. yikes! my back just radiates heat. i'm like a walking furnace. lol. ive been burnt like this before so i know it will go away and i will be fine. maybe ill even get some color! i also got some more freckles. ugh!
they baby decided he wanted to explore the beach all by himself so i had to wander around with him so he wouldnt go in the water and drown. he wanted to crawl so i let him. he has little bruises on his knees and legs from the sand. they dont bother him though. he had a wonderful time. just look at his face! he wasnt too happy to be in the water though. i dont know why. we kept getting splashed by the waves and he would wine about it. the water was fabulous. trevor has a phobia with water and he cant swim, so dana and i had to rescue him when the waves rolled in to quick for him. he was very brave though.
oh and there was this little 9 month old girl next to us with her parents. and she was walking! her mom said she started walking at 7 1/2 months! it was crazy. she was too totally cute though. even though i look like a steamed lobster, we had a very fun day. i'm so glad the weather was good. oh and we stopped at pennocks and got ice cream on the way home. thats has been a family tradition with my parents and my sisters since we were kids. it was nostalgic, but strange that i was the adult now. i miss my family. but we have some great memories!

Monday, July 24, 2006

i think he likes the mashed potatoes

i think these pictures are pretty self-explanitory. the food is mashed potatoes. the place is kfc. i'm just not sure which pic is the cutest: the huge open mouth to accept the food, or the ring of food around his mouth.

sleeping baby

my husband has been after me to get some pics of the baby sleeping. so i got a couple. the first one is his old bedding set that his gramma gave him. i love the sheet. well. i wanted to give him something more boy-ish and it costs so much to buy one, that i made him a bedding set. you can see some of the pieces in the second pic. there's also an orange ruffle. i make sure he has lots of toys to play with. as you can see. they are all soft except for the phone grammy got him that you can also see. he likes to bang things and make noise so i gave him one hard toy that he can bang ot his leisure. or call his grammy, whichever.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


it seems lil kenny cant get enough of those crackers. he will eat anything now. and he is quite the serious eater as you can see by the intense look of concentration. he is also an ambidextrious (unsure of the spelling here, but im sure terry will correct me) eater, either hand will work as long as it gets into his mouth, haha! i finally bumped him up to eating 3rd foods. he eats too many little jars so i need to save some money by getting the bigger jars. besides, he likes foods he can mush around and play with in his mouth. and 2nd foods arent doing it for him anymore. he practically inhales it and i cant feed him fast enough. i think this was a good decision.

Monday, July 17, 2006

dee plane, dee plane!

so while we are out on the pontoon boat, one of the neighbors fires up his water plane and decides to take it out for a spin. i've never seen one up close and i've never watched one take off. it was pretty neat. he had to get clearance form ft drum to fly. as soon as he cleared the trees he would have been on their radar and he would have been in trouble. i guess i should feel safe knowing that they monitor closely even that far away from drum. the plane landed a few hours later. we were still there but i didn't have my camera handy. it was such a beautiful day though. we had a very good time.

Friday, July 14, 2006

ahhh, the pontoon boat.

and here we have the pontoon boat. this was the highlight of the day. and to think i didnt want to go out on it. i do not know where the gripping fear i have of water and boats. i dont like lakes, oceans, ponds...anything. i like a pool and thats it. i dont know why. i mean, seriously, you would never know i served in the navy? anyways, i think that my sailor blood went straight into little kenny. he couldnt get enough of that water. he checked out every boat that passed. we even had a water plane take off over us. he had to peek out the side and check out the water. this was his first time on a boat. i think we will do this again sometime. he was a fantastic kid today. and he had such a good time.

at the lake house

today we went to my friend, michele's, parent's lake house. boy what fun we had. as you can see, the water was quite lovely. it was warm enough and clean. i went in all the way up to my knees! yay mommy! the baby was all about it. i put him in his raft/tube thingy and he floated and watched everybody and kicked up the sand under his feeties. he likes water. although i thought maybe he woulndt go in. you might recognize the tube he is in as the same one he has always used. well today when i blew it up he freaked! he couldnt get away from it fast enough. he was terrified of it. i wonder why he was so scared? he's never had anything scarey happen in it. he didnt want it touching him or anywhere near him. he kept looking at it like it was gonna bite him. so we got down to the water and i thought i'll walk him in first and see if he likes the water. he loved it. it was great. so after he played with michelle for a bit i put him in his tube rafty thingy and he made a little noise about it but once he was sitting and floating he was fine. i still don't know why he was freaked out. you can see his face, he was having a good time. then we went on the boat...

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Birthday USA!!

Happy 4th to everyone! I want to send out our love and support to all our troops serving here and abroad. We are proud of you and appreciate what you do for us and for your country. I want my husband to know how much I love him and am so proud of him. He sacrifices everyday to fight for what he believes in and fights for a people who don't always agree with his mission. It is because of him and his fellow soldiers, sailors and marines that we are able to continually celebrate this day. Happy Birthday to the United States of America!
i dint have a patriotic shirt with a flag on it for the little guy so we made up our own outfit to show our love for our country and our support for our troops. red onesie, white and blue striped socks and camouflage shorts. hey, it works for us. and he is so darn cute!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

tv watcher

look at how handsome the little man is getting to be. right after i took this picture he got all crabby b/c he was tired. i put on baby einstein to keep him occupied but when he is tired i either have to booby him to sleep or throw him in his crib and shut the door and let him cry for 30 seconds. so i put him in his crib. and he cried for less than 10 seconds and was out like a light. poor thing was so sleepy. i bought a goose down pillowtop for our bed and it came in yesterday. the baby thinks its the grreatest thing. when i drop him on it he sinks into the cushion and he loves it. i love it to, makes for some comfy sleeping. it really helps with my back and hips. keeps me from getting sore spots from the weight of my body. everyone should have one. ok now that i'm done writing you can all become enamoured of my beautiful kid. i sure wish his daddy was here.