Monday, July 28, 2008

lil kenny

brother and sissy

these 2 are so cute together! kenny adores his sissy girl and sadie focuses all her attention on kenny when he is around her. she gets all giggly and talkative! its way cute!

sadie jane

Sunday, July 27, 2008

promises promises

i promise u all that i will get pics of the kids up as soon as i can. i cant access the pics from my laptop for whatever reason and i hate bugging kenny to fix it. i will try to get him off the desktop long enough for me to post something. he has some learn to fly game and he sits there for hours playing lol. now that he is out of the company he has time to relax now. so i dont like to bug him too much. but i promise i will make a decent effort to boot him off sometime soon. love to all!!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


so i finally came back to the blog. i left for quite awhile!
and now i find it ironic that the last blog i posted on here was for the soldiers returning from war who don't get the help they need for their mental health issues. and now my own family is directly affected by this issue. i'm sad to say that my previous blog is absolutely true! now that we are living it, it does happen that way. kenny was blown off, told to ball up, deal with it, etc. it took one person to just listen to him and now he is getting help. he has his doctors and is on medication and is finally out of active duty in a less stress invironment. we are currently waiting for him to be discharged medically.
i must say that war is no joke. it affects people differently. some aren't adversely affected at all. unfortunately the ugliest and the base human reactions to death and violence do alot of mental as well as physical harm to our soldiers. my husband is certainly different. and not necessarily in a good way. his life will forever be scarred over what he was exposed to over there. it will take a long time, if ever, for him to fully heal. it makes family life difficult sometimes. but he is always in my prayers as are all the other soldiers and sailors and airmen who serve their countries diligently in the ugliest of environments.
God bless the country. God bless our troops.