Thursday, August 28, 2008

trips to walmart

so last night i went to walmart to get some milk b/c we were out and with kenny being in school all day, it's the only time i can go. sadie was already in bed and the little guy wanted to go with me, so i brought him with me in his cars jammies and lightnin mcqueen slippers and his tony hawk sweatshirt (yes its already that chilly up here at night!). on the way in a few young ppl thought he was the cutest thing they ever saw haha! we get back to the dairy section and they have NO MILK!!! how can u not have milk!?!? i got all mad b/c i drove all the way there, wasted my gas and they had no freakin' milk! so i had to go back today to get milk b/c we ran out today, which is the reason i went LAST night so we wouldn't run out today! rrggh! so after sadie gets up from her nap (LATE!) i feed her boobymilk and oatmeal and green beans (she made the funny faces today hehe!). she wanted a second booby after she ate and against my better judgement i gave it to her. i packed her up in her carseat and with the sounds of my terribly upset and bawling son lingering in my ears, we go off to walmart. they're lucky they had milk tonite. i made it quite clear to my daughter that mommy was not gonna be very happy if they didn't have milk stocked. she responded with her usual smiles and giggles and coos and i forgot i was supposed to be angry lol. i still get awed by God's grace that he let me have her. she is my beautiful miracle baby and i just keep thanking God for her. needless to say, they had milk. good. horray for me. someone did their job. i grabbed the 3 gallons of milk i needed and we were off to the next aisle for juice and salad stuff and bread. i always talk to my kids when i shop. tell them what we're doing and what i'm looking for next. i'm so weird sometimes, i know. i get all the stuff i need and get to checkout. sadie was an angel like always but as i was paying for the food, she decides to empty her bowels for all creation to smell!! OMG! there is nothing worse than buttered-popcorn-smelling-green-bean-poop!! she got it all over her onesie, pants and blanket! needless to say i had to do her laundry as soon as i got home. here's a mystery i haven't been able to figure out: why is it that when babies poop, it gets all over everything else they have on except their diaper??? isn't that what a diaper is there for? how did her little butt cheeks stay clean?? i'll never understand haha!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

green beans and oatmeal

so u might know that i started sadie on cereal about a month or so ago. she was eating alot and i STILL haven't gotten in to see her pediatrician to make sure she is clear to start solids. she is too busy with school kids and has no time for us. whatever. anyways i started her on rice and she took right to it! she's still pretty messy and she mushes it with her tongue and it spills out of her mouth lol. typical learning baby. we started her on oatmeal last week and she seems to like it even better than the rice. so i have been waiting to see her dr so that i can make sure all's good and start sadie on veggies. well since i had to cancel her appt so we could go to massechusetts for my gramma's memorial service, i couldn't get another appt til the middle of sept! talk about frustrating! why do these other parents of school-aged kids wait til the last minute to get their kids checkups for school! very inconsiderate if u ask me! considering that sadie's dr has 2 days set aside for well-baby appts. i guess she overroad that so she could make more money! well i decided on my own to start sadie on veggies and tonite we started green beans. i kept waiting for the screwy face that the little ones make when tasting something new but she didn't do it! i guess someone likes her green beans! she ate one booby, a bowl of cereal, a few spoons of greenbeans and another booby! and now she is crabby for more booby. both my kids are such hogs!! i should be a ton skinnier than i am from feeding these two!! haha! (let me clarify: i'm NOT still breastfeeding lil kenny in case anyone's wondering haha!) gotta go, the princess is calling!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

a few random kid pics

check out the kid's new chair! after i posted the pic i realized my son is not wearing any undies!! he doesn't show too much in this one so i used it. in the other one he's all spread-eagle haha! that's my boy! sadie is stylin' her new jammies and the little guy is just too cute for words!

anthony's visit

kenny's friend, anthony, came for a visit over the weekend. his nickname is 'AR' but the little guy kept calling him 'ER' haha! it was pretty funny. anthony got sissy that toy that the kids are playing with and he got kenny the 'screaming banshee' from the CARS movie. on the dvd they have extras and one of the extra flicks is about mater and the ghost light. the banshee is from that story. i didn't even know they made one! it's pretty cool. it eats the mini CARS characters and there's a rubberband thingy that u use to shoot mater at the back of the banshee and it spits out the mini cars. mater's the hero! oh and it growls haha!

my grandparents

this is willis and mildred davis. they are my maternal grandparents. u may know that they both passed away recently. my gramps had a rough new years and had a couple of emergency heart surgeries. he held on for another 6 months and he died in his sleep on june 24th. he was the first of my grandparents to go and it was definitely a shock. my gram had a few health complications of her own and she soon followed gramps about 6 weeks later. this past week we went to massechusetts for her memorial service. i still can't believe i won't ever see them again on earth. i miss them terribly.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

nana and big papa

on our way to salem, we stopped off the nys thruway to see my dad's parents in schenectady, ny. this was the first time they got to see sadie. we got there around lunch time so they ordered sandwiches on ny hardrolls! scrumptious! (yes, terry, be very jealous!). big papa found one of my dad's old trucks and let lil kenny play with it. he loved it! we had to distract him and hide it before we could leave. they have an old electric model train on a shelf and a set of 3 rescue vehicles on a shelf too and the whole time we were there the little guy kept asking daddy and big papa to take them down so he could play with them lol. it was cute. this kid LOVES trucks and cars and trains (he calls them 'to to fanes' haha!). he is so darn CUTE!!!

seven posts for seven gables

i just posted 7 posts of pics of our weekend in salem, ma. so u have to start at the beginning. scroll down...keep going...start with the house of the seven gables. comment away!!

gramma and the babies at mcd's

we met up at a mcdonald's right of the thruway. my mom and aunt flew up from az to be with their mom. my mother just spent a month in florida with her mom and helped transfer gram up to ma. these last 8 months have been pretty rough on my mom. her father just died about 6 weeks ago and now her mom is feeble too. she just had to have another surgery. we are still waiting for news on her condition. i know she is in ICU and is heavily medicated. i'm glad we got to see mom for a couple hours, better than not at all! i wanted to see my gram in the hospital too but they decided it would be too much excitement and gram is really weak. it's hard being so close and yet so far away.
my mom really enjoyed her grandbabies! she loves to kiss their cheeks! alot! haha!

random other pics of salem

pic of kenny with a pirate manequin outside the pirate museum. the cemetary where some important people were buried haha! the next pic is of a tree that is in the cemetary. it's dead and creepy looking! next is a pic of a road with shops lol. the last pics are of the little guy laying in his sleeper sofa bed with his teddy and his pirate flag. he was so good on this trip! such a big boy! he isn't much of a complainer either, we walked around all day long and his little feeties got all tore up from his sandals! i didn't even notice until after we got back to the hotel that night. i felt so bad! he didn't tell me his feet hurt. so he got medicine and bandaids and he was quite happy with that. i didn't put shoes on him the next day so he got to be carried everywhere by me and daddy. he really liked that too hehe! on our way back to ny we stopped in springfield, ma, to see my mother and her 2 sisters. my gram is in the hospital there so mom flew up to be with her. that's next post...

more pirates!

these pics were taken inside a cave they built under the 'ship.' very cool also! the first pic has a pic of the tour guide. he was fantastic and hilarious!! at the end of the cave, as we rounded the last corner, was a REAL person in a costume with a scary mask on his face. i came around the corner and he moved and i screamed! i wanted to take a pic but he scared me so bad i was too afraid to do it! jerk haha!

pirate museum

this was the pirate museum. very, very cool! the first pic is of a tavern where pirates would drink too much and brag of their exploits. the tavern owner would offer the pirate a 'free' room for the night. these rooms were actually modified holding cells where they would be locked in for the night. being that piracy was illegal, the authorities would be called and the pirates would be hung.
th next few pics are of scenes from a pirate ship. hang tight, there's more...

nathaniel hawthorne's house

this is the house that nathaniel hawthorne was born in. it was actually 7 blocks away from the house of the seven gables but they moved it on 2 flatbed trucks so it was right next door. i couldn't take pics of the inside of it either lol. to be honest i actually thought his house was a better tour then the big house. oh and the little guy had a grand time ringing a bell haha!

outside the house of the 7 gables

for some reason i thought the house was bigger than it is..oh well. the little building there is called the counting house. the men used it to plan their next shipping excursions and such. it was forbidden for the women to go in there.

house of the 7 gables

this past weekend we went to salem, massechusetts for a family get-away. wonderful time!! these pictures are of the house of the seven gables, made famous by nathaniel hawthorne's novel of the same name. nathaniel had a second-cousin who lived here at one point in time and he used to visit her when they were young. funny thing is, this house didn't have 7 gables at the time of his visits. he wrote about the house historically. we got to take a tour of the inside but we weren't allowed to take any pics. weird. low ceilings (for heatings sake), small rooms and a secret stairway to the chimney..very cool. next post will be pics of the lanscapes, the flowers and things outside the house.