Tuesday, August 19, 2008

anthony's visit

kenny's friend, anthony, came for a visit over the weekend. his nickname is 'AR' but the little guy kept calling him 'ER' haha! it was pretty funny. anthony got sissy that toy that the kids are playing with and he got kenny the 'screaming banshee' from the CARS movie. on the dvd they have extras and one of the extra flicks is about mater and the ghost light. the banshee is from that story. i didn't even know they made one! it's pretty cool. it eats the mini CARS characters and there's a rubberband thingy that u use to shoot mater at the back of the banshee and it spits out the mini cars. mater's the hero! oh and it growls haha!

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terry said...

Awww, you didn't tell about all the fun you and Anthony had at walmart with Kenny. Gee whiz.