Tuesday, August 19, 2008

my grandparents

this is willis and mildred davis. they are my maternal grandparents. u may know that they both passed away recently. my gramps had a rough new years and had a couple of emergency heart surgeries. he held on for another 6 months and he died in his sleep on june 24th. he was the first of my grandparents to go and it was definitely a shock. my gram had a few health complications of her own and she soon followed gramps about 6 weeks later. this past week we went to massechusetts for her memorial service. i still can't believe i won't ever see them again on earth. i miss them terribly.


Danielle said...

I do think it's sweet though they both passed away pretty much the same time. God did what was best because maybe it would have been to hard for them to live without eachother. now they are together in paradise!

Rebekah Moore said...

yeah they wouldn't have been able to love without each other. gram just wasn't sure what to do. i'm happy they're together with God.

terry said...

Awwww, what a cute couple they are. Together again! That's nice although you will miss them until you see them again.