Saturday, December 30, 2006

look who we got to meet...

for all of u who dont know who this man is, its john cena. my sister and i got to meet him. he was standing in the back corner of our music store in the mall. just standing there with his fist in his hand. he very graciously allowed us to get a pic with him. he was pretty nice. didnt say much. didnt say anything actually. well we were happy. woohoo! we got a pic with john cena!!

Thursday, December 28, 2006


i made brownies. i followed the directions on the box perfectly, i swear! i had to cut the border off b/c it was burnt. i wanted to save it forever b/c at least it was perfectly burnt. and this is yet another reason why i dont bake. ever...
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dont ask just check out the butt crack...hes got such cute buns!

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

my new necklace

ok all, check out this fabulous emerald and diamond necklace my sweet honey got me for christmas/anniversary present! isnt he the greatest?? i love it, its so pretty. yes i did say pretty. the girly part of me does come out just gonna have to wear green for the rest of my life to match my necklace. i a dork.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

freeze, mister

ok nobody freak out. these are staged pictures of kenny and one of the interpreters.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

steve young

we had a guest at our house today, steve young, in the flesh!
he even brought his own sippy cup. how polite of him!
he looks ready to play some football, gettin' hyped for the game, hydrating, slammin some juice. thats the only jersey my kid owns and the only jersey he will own. unless when he is older, like in school, he wants to play sports than he can have his own. but kenny and i dont watch sports, arent into sports, dont care about sports. except my wrestling!! im still looking for wwe clothes for him. wont daddy just hate me for it? haha!

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

more chairs...

i don't have the words...

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stuck again

first he gets stuck under the chair. then he cries b/c he can't get out. then he tries to chew himself out. i tried to help but he wanted to stand up and that wasn't possible. he got himself out! whatta big boy!
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fell asleep

so he was watching cartoons, next thing i know, he's out! man this kid can snore, haha! fyi...he got in that glider all by himself.

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chocoloate cake

give him a piece of chocolate cake and what happens? he shoves it in his mouth! he grabbed it with both hands and put as much in his mouth as possible. i think dana counted 4 crumbs on the floor. haha! neatest thing i ever saw him eat. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 05, 2006

feetie jammies

be jealous, be very jealous. i have feetie pajamas! of course they make me look like a moose but they are comfy and warm. and they also have a drop seat in the back. told ya you'd be jealous. hehe! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 04, 2006

little drummer boy

my son, the drummer. think he will make it big? i don't know how happy the rest of the band would be if he kept falling asleep on the job...notice how he never let go of the drum or the sticks? maybe that kind of dedication will count for something. he just tuckered out mid-session. one minute, the steady beating pulse of the drums, the next...silence. man, he's cute! Posted by Picasa

my 4 boys...

my friend, dana, has been moving this past week and i took her boys friday night overnight so she could get some work done. we watched 'over the hedge.' it was so funny! i would recommend it to anyone with or without kids. on the way back to my house is lonely, in-the-sticks copenhagen, the 3 youngest kids fell asleep in the backseat. i had to take a pic b/c it was so darn cute! trevor is on the left, my little brat in the middle, and tucker is on the right. later on that night we got a surprise visit from 'the headless horseman.' but it think it was him as a kid. he was wearing a t-shirt that says 'i recycled my homework to save the environment.' haha! nice shirt, dana. that was her oldest, trent. lucky for us he was friendly as a child. very helpful too. trent washed their plates after dinner (good thing my water is free). trevor opened the door for me so i could take out the trash (took too long geting his shoes on to help carry it). tucker was just tucker. cute, willful and thinks he makes his own rules. that's the baby for you. although he is very proud of the fact that he is big brother to little kenny. he loves being a big brother. it's pretty cute. all in all it was a fun night. dana has done a great job raising these boys almost completely by herself. they are so good and beautiful and loving. and they adore baby kenny. i couldnt ask for more... Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 30, 2006


for halloween this year i went as a dead punk rocker...or i could have been a female member of KISS. this first pic is of my friend, michelle, and some guy named jeffery that i had never met before.
as you can see by my costume i was trying to "camouflage" my fat...haha! no i was wearing camo to keep my husband close to me. i'm also wearing our dogtags. i have them on the same chain. our son will get them one day.
the party was at my friends, stacey and bobby's, house. a bunch of people showed up that i havent seen in YEARS! it was nice to see them and to be seen. its unfortunate that it has to be a party for me to spend time with these people, but i'm a happy and fulfilled mommy and wife. i dont have the time or the desire to be partying all the time like they do. i see this group maybe twice a year. thats enough for me!
take these pics of me with a grain of salt. they arent meant to be offensive, but to show a fun, childish adult side of me. dressing up is fun. i had a good time. and my friends still love me even thought we never see each other any
oh and dont freak out, dani. the arm tatoos are fake!
love to my families

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