Monday, September 22, 2008

few more pics..

sadie in the recliner too

and this is what happens when sadie sits in the recliner with daddy...

lil k and cars

we were watching adult tv (cops, etc) on the big weewee (tv according to lil k) and he wanted to watch wall-e. so daddy hooked him up on the computer with his cars papasan chair and blamket and headphones so he could watch wall-e and cars. he almost made it thru both mpvies before he asked for help to get down then crashed in the recliner with his daddy. he's so cute!

Monday, September 15, 2008

yet another rant about the kids' dr

if u remember from a previous post i was complaining at how long it took to get sadie in to see her dr for her 6-mo checkup and shots. well today was her appt. i went in at 9:30 and was told the nurse called in today b/c her kid was sick. no biggie, but the dr doesn't have a backup for her and she won't give the kids their shots! so i went all the way to carthage for her to do her physical, height, weight, etc and to have to schedule her to come back, again, to get her shots. by this point i'm about beside myself b/c it took me an entire month to reschedule her appt b/c of having to cancel her 6-mo when my gramma died. so i get in the room to see the dr and she says 'i see sadie is late getting her shots. and now she will be even later b/c we have to reschedule her to come in at another time for her shots.' i almost hit her. she is the one who cut back her hours to part-time. she is the one who put all the school kids whose parents waited til the last minute to get them their checkups in front of all her well-baby appts. she is the reason sadie is late getting her shots! i was fuming; her acting like its all my fault my daughter doesn't have her shots yet. rrggghhhh!! so after she gets checked and i go to make sadie another appt to come back to get her shots, i tell her b/c kenny is in school i can only come in on mon/wed am or all day friday. she tells me she doesn't work fridays. tells me she only works monday am and tues-thurs afternoons. i said 'are u kidding me?' so now i can only make appts on monday mornings b/c kenny has school the other days. she tried to tell me i had to wait til oct 13th to get sadie her shots! i told her she better get me in next week lol. she did. she rearranged some other ppl to get me in. she's lucky. but it gets better. lil kenny will be 3 in 2 weeks so i had her check to see when his appt was b/c i forgot. she tells me he isn't in the system for an appt. she got all nasty with me for not making him an appt. excuse me??? wtf was i just doing?? checking on my son's appt that apparently she didn't have a record of. again, trying to make me look like a bad parent to assuage her guilt over uselessness of a reliable pediatrician! the receptionist rearranged the schedule again so my son can have his appt in 3 weeks.
ur probably saying, why didn't she get a new dr after last month's fiasco. i have a few reasons for that. one is that she is the only dr my kids have seen. two, she was there when sadie was born and knows she almost died and she did good things to help her. i have some loyalty issues i guess. and thirdly, we are moving in a few months and i don't want to have to find another dr, then transfer the kids' records, then we move and have to do it all over again. *sigh* if i'm lucky, sadie will only have to go there 2 more times for her shots and her 9-mo checkup and lil kenny will only have to go this one more time for his 3-yr checkup. as long as the kids don't get sick or hurt, we'll be done with her. but from what the receptionist (ironically she is a lady friend i have known for a long time lol) told me, the hospital is looking for a full-time pediatrician. maybe she will get replaced by someone who is reliable and can work with her patients schedules! no one wants a dr for their kids who cares more about the money than her childs well-being. i sure don't. maybe when we leave i will write a nasty letter to the hospital about her. or i'll give terry the facts and have her write it haha! she's a good one with nasty letters to ppl in positions of authority!
ok so enough's sadie's stats: she weighs 13 lbs 12 ozs (jake weighs more!), she is 24 3/4 inches long (jake is taller??), and has an almost 16 in head (i think). ok she sounds small to me. i know my son was a huge monster child, but she seems small! dr said she is still on the scale tho. at the bottom! the dr said 'well she was a small baby.' sadie was 7 lbs 1oz at birth. that is not small. that's bigger than average! kenny says she's just a dainty little girl! i guess so. she sure is cute little girl tho!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

lil kenny's new 'cars' tv!

got this on craigslist for $50! it's co wicked cool!! the little guy stayed in his room and watched his fave movie 'cars' as soon as he got up from his nap and all thru dinner haha. guess he likes it. the mouth is a dvd player. when it's not playing a dvd it has mcqueen's eyes on the screen and when u adjust the volume, mcqueen goes forward and back on the screen. it's wicked cool! we all chilled in his room for a few minutes to watch the movie with him and sissy enjoyed being in her big brother's bed. our lil kiki also had to be included in our family fun lol. he cuddled up to sissy and kept her from rolling off the bed. he's a good kitty.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

my loves!

where's kenny?

sorry they're sideways. u can enjoy them anyways! kenny had duty saturday night and the little guy was hysterical over daddy leaving so i dressed him up and tried to distract him while daddy left. and, no, it didn't work!

the swashbuckler

i think i found the cutest pirate ever!! he even says 'aarrrgghh matey' hehe! guess what he is gonna be for halloween..
we bought the dog a cage (which he LOVES) and the kid seemed to think it was a playyard for him. i was hard to get him out of there! he threw a fit! but he is still cute!
and then we found this kid robbing our house!! we tickled him mercilessly and he finally gave up.