Tuesday, February 27, 2007

1st haircut

baby's 1st haircut! it didnt go as well as i had hoped. he freaked as soon as we walked in to the hair place. he cried from the minute he got put in the chair to the minute we left. haha! but the guy who cut it said he did extremely well. i guess he has a regular kid who comes in and this kid is really bad. lil man was good. he didnt try to get down or anything, he just sat there and cried. poor little guy. i think he was just scared. he is so darn cute now! not that he wasnt before, grammy. but now his beautiful eyes stand out and his sweet little face...he is such a handsome baby boy. he looks so cute i just keep drinking him in with my eyes! i cant stop looking at him!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

cars table and chairs

finally the baby's table and chairs came! arent they cool??

Thursday, February 22, 2007

snow removal

so...how do u shovel ur driveway? hahaha!!!

this is now my front yard, btw! and the back yard is where all the snow got dumped. im all snowed in! hehe!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

scarey me!!

ok scariest pic ever!! my friend, shawna, sent me this. this is what i looked like when i lived in georgia right after i got out of the navy. about 7 years ago. i look really bad but i LOVE the hair color. i want it back again! i wonder how upset kenny would be...he never said i couldnt dye it...haha!

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

mug tree

im certain that this pic needs some explanation. this isnt just any old mug tree. my mom had a mug tree when i wasa kid and i have always wanted one. well i bought these new dishes sets. the orange ones are round and the green ones are square. theya re the colest, most awesome place settings!! and i can interchange them for dinners and stuff. anyways, the settings came with 4 of each: mugs, dinner plates, lunch plates and bowls. so i had 8 coffee mugs. well i searched high and low for a mug rack for 8. all i kept seeing was ones to hold 6 mugs. so after being frustrated i was absolutely elated to find one that holds 8 mugs. i found it on ebay and its amish made. well i picked it up today and i almost cried! it is absolutely gorgeous!!! its perfect! and the guy i bought it from wrapped it up with so much care...im so happy with it i could cry! i know. im a dork.
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Sunday, February 11, 2007

m&m people

now here is some great fun! goto www.becomeanmm.com and u can pick all this cool stuff to make an m&m look like u! the orange one is me, obviously. kenny has the fishing pole. my little sister is the yellow one with the pink bunny slippers and her husband has the facial hair. its great fun. check it out!
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Monday, February 05, 2007


this is a survey to decide which ring i should get for valentines day. post a comment with the one u like best. i cant decide, thats why i am asking for help. its going to go on the middle finger of my left hand to be next to my wedding set.
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rub a dub dub...baby boy in the tub!

i dont know why he sits in the tub like this. but its cute enough for pics!

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girl power!

this picture is for dani and tj. i call it 'girl power!'
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Sunday, February 04, 2007


for all u adorable ppl in tx and az who claimed u got snow the other day, here is a few pics to show u some real snow. we got most of this the last few days. for the record i just shovelled yesterday and my truck is already buried again. these snowbanks are almost eye level to me. u cant beat it for beauty tho. i love snow!
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Thursday, February 01, 2007

vacuuming fool

kid learned how to vacuum. and he's good at it! it matches mommy's vacuum. he really likes it!

my baby sister

yes those guns are real. they are ar15/ak14's. she got them a couple weeks ago. one for her and one for her hubby. and they both got their carrying permits for concealed weapons. they are going to start a bounty hunting/private detective company. and hopefully i will also have a job with them keeping their books etc. they have already done a few jobs as private dicks. can u see that tiny thing actually doing bounty hunting? aint she cute?

pirate ahoy!

there be pirates in these waters, matey. his shirt says 'not just a job, 'tis an adventure.' aint he cute?