Sunday, February 04, 2007


for all u adorable ppl in tx and az who claimed u got snow the other day, here is a few pics to show u some real snow. we got most of this the last few days. for the record i just shovelled yesterday and my truck is already buried again. these snowbanks are almost eye level to me. u cant beat it for beauty tho. i love snow!
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Danielle said...

I miss snow like that! Kenny and I used to build snow forts when we were little...cant do that here in TX!

becka moore said...

well u need to come and see my quick so u can play in the snow!! c'mon up! im waiting for u...luscious buns. rrarr! and this is the perfect winter for daddy and the baby to play in the snow. kenny was so looking forward to playing with the baby outside...hopefully next winter he can. it makes me sad.