Tuesday, February 27, 2007

1st haircut

baby's 1st haircut! it didnt go as well as i had hoped. he freaked as soon as we walked in to the hair place. he cried from the minute he got put in the chair to the minute we left. haha! but the guy who cut it said he did extremely well. i guess he has a regular kid who comes in and this kid is really bad. lil man was good. he didnt try to get down or anything, he just sat there and cried. poor little guy. i think he was just scared. he is so darn cute now! not that he wasnt before, grammy. but now his beautiful eyes stand out and his sweet little face...he is such a handsome baby boy. he looks so cute i just keep drinking him in with my eyes! i cant stop looking at him!!


Terry said...

How beautiful! He looks like such the little man now, doesn't he?

Danielle said...

I bet Evan wont need a haircut until he's like 10! what a baldy! but i love my cute bald baby boy.