Sunday, November 30, 2008

the turkey!

this was the most delicious turkey kenny has ever made!!!!! it was so beautiful i had to capture its image forever haha! then of course u can see the master turkey chef with his prize. what a hottie!

i love my kids!

ain't they cute?!?! big brother likes to feed his sissy girl. she is still trying to learn the whole 'feed yourself' thingy haha!

both kids wearing the same hat...whatever it's cute lol.

our son's new obsession: too too faines! choo choo trains to those who have already mastered speaking english lol. this one moves forward and backward and makes the clanging bell sounds and the toot toot sound. it's pretty neat!

Friday, November 21, 2008

dead guinea pigs

last weekend i found my pig, hershey, dead as a doornail and hard as a rock in his cage. i was saddened by this as he was my favorite! so he was disposed of and the cage was cleaned out and lysol'd and the other pig was given a bath and fresh water and food, etc. we even bought him a new edible house and salt licks and snacks so he wouldn't be so lonely. as of 4 days ago he stopped eating and drinking. this morning i found him also in rigor. *sigh* so both my piggies are gone now. kenny's been doing research and stuff and his best guess is that hershey got an upper respiratory infection and died. brownie must have caught it from him. he was very sick last night, wheezing and his eyes were all cloudy. we knew he wouldn't make it thru the night so kenny wrapped him up so he would at least be more comfy when he went. poor little guy. i'm so sad. i feel so guilty. like it's all my fault. i know they suffered and it hurts me. i know, they're just pigs. but i wonder if they were thinking that i didn't love them enough or play with them enough. i feel awful. i'm sad.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

how much longer??

i cannot wait to get out of the army!! i'm so tired of their control over every little thing! it affects me and the kids and i'm tired of it!! with kenny being is school, i had very limited windows when i can make appts for myself and the kids to see drs. i got struck with strep (AGAIN!!) on monday. i couldn't go to the dr on tuesday b/c kenny was at school all day. so i made an appt or 8:15 this am. kenny's sgt called him last night and said he had to show up for formation at 6:45 this am. not a huge deal, except kenny only has to go to formation on mon and fri am. so this am should have been a clear shot to go get some freakin' meds. so he calls me at 7 and says they're doing a 100% piss test and he can't leave til EVERYONE pees in a cup!! these things take HOURS and HOURS! especially considering half the ppl don't bother to show up for formation so they had to track them all down and make them come in. he told them i had an appt and they refused to let him leave! that is the crap that pisses me off. they will hoot and holler and raise cain if a soldier misses a dr appt. but its ok that a soldiers wife misses an appt when she is sick. i hate them all so much. hate them. it so ridiculous. the drs office didnt open til 8 so i had to call them at 8 to cancel my 8:15 appt. i'm sure i looked like quite a jerk in their eyes, canceling last minute. luckily i was able to reschedule for 3:30 today. i'm so frustrated. as soon as we get a date, i'll be counting the days til we get out of the army!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

sadie jane's wearing overalls!

tell me these aren't the CUTEST overalls u've ever seen!!! (the little girl is pretty cute too hehe!) oh and FYI...daddy picked out this outfit!

time for me to be sick!

i have strep AGAIN!!! seriously, come on! i've already been to ENT for consult to get my tonsils removed. they can't come out til after i'm done nursing (b/c of the good drugs). i'll be down for 2 weeks! and i have to have someone (besides kenny) stay with me for at least the first week. it's also extremely painful for adults to get it. i was gonna deny it, but then i get hit with strep again not 2 months later?!?! altho i do have to thank the Good Lord that this time is no where near as severe as last time. i still ache and hurt kinda bad, but it's a breeze compared to the extreme pain i was in before. and i also found out that listerine is a fabulous anesthetic! no kidding! it still burns the mouth like normal, but surprisingly enough it didn't hurt my tonsils or white patches at all! i'm a believer in the powers of listerine! and i am gargling as often as i need to. i might be awful sick but i will have the freshest sick breath on the planet haha!

Friday, November 14, 2008

all better

i'm guessing my son is all better now. he was starving last night and eating daddy's food. he's been asking for water and food all day today. he has his energy back to. aside from a bit of whining i would say he is all better! yay!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

still sick

it seems everyday he feels sick in a different way. today he will not eat and he hasn't even had one full sippy cup of water all day. i can only force him to drink to a point. he just starts bawling on me! i hope he doesn't dehydrate. i swear i'm doing the best i can for him. he doesn't seem to have a fever but his cheeks have been red for 2 days and he's drenched in sweat after every time he sleeps. *sigh* he has been whining all day but won't/can't tell me what hurts. maybe its his mouth, he is drooling alot and sucking his spit back in his mouth. i've checked his mouth and don't see any spots in there. i have no idea what is wrong. i hope i haven't missed something.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the jinxer

thank u, dani! ur the jinxer!! my son is now puking and sick!! rrgghh! poor guy. he was sick last week with a terrible, wet cough and runny nose. now today he gets a fever and runny buns and puking. i brought him back to the dr today (not HIS pedi b/c she is still on vacation!). dr said push fluids, but he doesnt have to eat. i made his favorite dinner: plain noodles with butter. he didnt want any, he tried but he just couldnt eat it. so now he is curled up in my chair with his blankets and stuffed cat asleep. i hope he only throws up the one time, or else i get to sleep in his room tonite on the air mattress. he puked all over the couch, but it was an easy clean b/c it was pure liquid since he didnt eat today. it scared him pretty good, so if he is gonna be sick all night i dont want him to be alone and scared. poor midgit. i told him the next time he needs to puke that he can puke in the toilet. he seems to think its cool so he keeps going in there, making me go with him, to show me he knows what to do. he opens the lid and bends over and says 'blagh' haha! hes silly. i hope its just a quick bug. my heart breaks when my kids are sick.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

2 sick kids

it gets better: both my kids are sick now. i'm so grateful it's not affecting their temperments! sadie got sick mom nite and i tried to call their pedi yesterday, but she is on vacation for 2 weeks. not a huge deal except that her replacement doesn't accept tricare! wtf? so i had to call tricare to get 2 separate referrals, one for each kid, to go to the urgent care. it took almost an hour on the phone to get them...annoying! i was NOT about to take them to the ER for colds, which was my other option. stupid if u ask me. anyways, they got seen last night and they have a viral thingy going around. sadie also has pink eye. dr said it's very common in little ones, but of course i freaked. gross! but she seems to be better today already so i guess its ok lol. they both have very wet coughs and raspy breathing, and runny noses. *sigh* we try to teach lil kenny to share, guess he figured it out haha!
oh and i've been using lysol disinfectant spray all over, lysol wipes on frequently used surfaces, and germ-x hand sanitizer for everyone (except sadie of course). i use wipies for her, they do have a bit of alcohol in them. hopefully, i can kill whatever this virus is. i'm on a mission of death! die virus die!!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

sick kid

i'm not sure if he got sick when he was outside shoveling with his daddy, but my son is sick. he's been coughing for 3 days now, bad, phlegmy, coughs. i spent quite a bit of time at his bedside last night comforting him while he tried to sleep. we let him gorge on candy before he went to bed, b/c we felt so bad he is sick lol. probable not the best thing for him, but whatever. he was a freakin cute pirate! some guy said he had the best costume all night!! woohoo! go mommy!! so today he is all bundled up in his camo sweatsuit and his blanket and one of his big teddies. he usually gets out of bed and plays in his room before i get up to get him, but today he was still in bed under the covers. i think he was cold, poor kid. we had to buy shrink plastic for the windows b/c they are so drafty in this house. the heat didn't bother to come on either. stupid cheap gov't housing! hopefully we will be gone soon and we can complain to a landlord who will fix the drafts and the heat issue! if not, i got numbers to call to get them into trouble lol. my kids deserve better than that!

halloween 2008!

sadie: snow bunny; kenny: aarrhh matey (pirate); kiki: monster!

snow before halloween!!

so kenny tells me, 'i've never seen snow on halloween before.' to which i say, 'look out the window!' haha! i think tuesday it started to snow, big, fat, heavy flakes. it kept up all night. these pix are from wed am. before kenny could go to school he had to shovel himself out! and, of course, the little man had to go help daddy, so they spent the morning outside shovelling. thursday was in the high 40s and fri hit 60 something so most of the snow melted. but it left the roads wet and nasty puddles filled with leaves. it's about 99% gone now, but i think we might see more tonite haha!