Thursday, November 13, 2008

still sick

it seems everyday he feels sick in a different way. today he will not eat and he hasn't even had one full sippy cup of water all day. i can only force him to drink to a point. he just starts bawling on me! i hope he doesn't dehydrate. i swear i'm doing the best i can for him. he doesn't seem to have a fever but his cheeks have been red for 2 days and he's drenched in sweat after every time he sleeps. *sigh* he has been whining all day but won't/can't tell me what hurts. maybe its his mouth, he is drooling alot and sucking his spit back in his mouth. i've checked his mouth and don't see any spots in there. i have no idea what is wrong. i hope i haven't missed something.

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terry said...

If he's not better by tomorrow take him to the Dr. again.