Friday, November 21, 2008

dead guinea pigs

last weekend i found my pig, hershey, dead as a doornail and hard as a rock in his cage. i was saddened by this as he was my favorite! so he was disposed of and the cage was cleaned out and lysol'd and the other pig was given a bath and fresh water and food, etc. we even bought him a new edible house and salt licks and snacks so he wouldn't be so lonely. as of 4 days ago he stopped eating and drinking. this morning i found him also in rigor. *sigh* so both my piggies are gone now. kenny's been doing research and stuff and his best guess is that hershey got an upper respiratory infection and died. brownie must have caught it from him. he was very sick last night, wheezing and his eyes were all cloudy. we knew he wouldn't make it thru the night so kenny wrapped him up so he would at least be more comfy when he went. poor little guy. i'm so sad. i feel so guilty. like it's all my fault. i know they suffered and it hurts me. i know, they're just pigs. but i wonder if they were thinking that i didn't love them enough or play with them enough. i feel awful. i'm sad.

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