Sunday, November 30, 2008

i love my kids!

ain't they cute?!?! big brother likes to feed his sissy girl. she is still trying to learn the whole 'feed yourself' thingy haha!

both kids wearing the same hat...whatever it's cute lol.

our son's new obsession: too too faines! choo choo trains to those who have already mastered speaking english lol. this one moves forward and backward and makes the clanging bell sounds and the toot toot sound. it's pretty neat!


terry said...

Nice trains! Hats are cute too. so are the kids underneath, ha ha.

Danielle said...

so cute...kenny is such a big helper!

Rebekah Moore said...

oh yeah he's a GREAT big brother! if she cries, he says 'sissy gooah (girl) its ok sshhhhh' if she is playing with one of his toys and he doesn't want her to, he will take it away and give her a different one to play with! he loves his sissy and she adores him too.