Saturday, November 01, 2008

snow before halloween!!

so kenny tells me, 'i've never seen snow on halloween before.' to which i say, 'look out the window!' haha! i think tuesday it started to snow, big, fat, heavy flakes. it kept up all night. these pix are from wed am. before kenny could go to school he had to shovel himself out! and, of course, the little man had to go help daddy, so they spent the morning outside shovelling. thursday was in the high 40s and fri hit 60 something so most of the snow melted. but it left the roads wet and nasty puddles filled with leaves. it's about 99% gone now, but i think we might see more tonite haha!


terry said...

Cold, wet, drafty, slushy.....eeeew, the kids were swimming here today. I'm toooo old for that cold anymore.

The Wakefield's blog said...

eeww snow. no thank you! i'd rather have the rain.