Saturday, November 01, 2008

sick kid

i'm not sure if he got sick when he was outside shoveling with his daddy, but my son is sick. he's been coughing for 3 days now, bad, phlegmy, coughs. i spent quite a bit of time at his bedside last night comforting him while he tried to sleep. we let him gorge on candy before he went to bed, b/c we felt so bad he is sick lol. probable not the best thing for him, but whatever. he was a freakin cute pirate! some guy said he had the best costume all night!! woohoo! go mommy!! so today he is all bundled up in his camo sweatsuit and his blanket and one of his big teddies. he usually gets out of bed and plays in his room before i get up to get him, but today he was still in bed under the covers. i think he was cold, poor kid. we had to buy shrink plastic for the windows b/c they are so drafty in this house. the heat didn't bother to come on either. stupid cheap gov't housing! hopefully we will be gone soon and we can complain to a landlord who will fix the drafts and the heat issue! if not, i got numbers to call to get them into trouble lol. my kids deserve better than that!

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terry said...

How's he feeling now? Still sick? Darn cold weather up there!!!!!