Wednesday, November 19, 2008

how much longer??

i cannot wait to get out of the army!! i'm so tired of their control over every little thing! it affects me and the kids and i'm tired of it!! with kenny being is school, i had very limited windows when i can make appts for myself and the kids to see drs. i got struck with strep (AGAIN!!) on monday. i couldn't go to the dr on tuesday b/c kenny was at school all day. so i made an appt or 8:15 this am. kenny's sgt called him last night and said he had to show up for formation at 6:45 this am. not a huge deal, except kenny only has to go to formation on mon and fri am. so this am should have been a clear shot to go get some freakin' meds. so he calls me at 7 and says they're doing a 100% piss test and he can't leave til EVERYONE pees in a cup!! these things take HOURS and HOURS! especially considering half the ppl don't bother to show up for formation so they had to track them all down and make them come in. he told them i had an appt and they refused to let him leave! that is the crap that pisses me off. they will hoot and holler and raise cain if a soldier misses a dr appt. but its ok that a soldiers wife misses an appt when she is sick. i hate them all so much. hate them. it so ridiculous. the drs office didnt open til 8 so i had to call them at 8 to cancel my 8:15 appt. i'm sure i looked like quite a jerk in their eyes, canceling last minute. luckily i was able to reschedule for 3:30 today. i'm so frustrated. as soon as we get a date, i'll be counting the days til we get out of the army!!!


Danielle said...

Glad I dont have that problem! what are your plans when you guys get out of the army?

Rebekah Moore said...

we're moving to binghamton, ny. kenny is finishing school and i might as well too lol. depending on how much we like it there we may just buy a house or we might keep renting til we find another place to move to.