Tuesday, November 18, 2008

time for me to be sick!

i have strep AGAIN!!! seriously, come on! i've already been to ENT for consult to get my tonsils removed. they can't come out til after i'm done nursing (b/c of the good drugs). i'll be down for 2 weeks! and i have to have someone (besides kenny) stay with me for at least the first week. it's also extremely painful for adults to get it. i was gonna deny it, but then i get hit with strep again not 2 months later?!?! altho i do have to thank the Good Lord that this time is no where near as severe as last time. i still ache and hurt kinda bad, but it's a breeze compared to the extreme pain i was in before. and i also found out that listerine is a fabulous anesthetic! no kidding! it still burns the mouth like normal, but surprisingly enough it didn't hurt my tonsils or white patches at all! i'm a believer in the powers of listerine! and i am gargling as often as i need to. i might be awful sick but i will have the freshest sick breath on the planet haha!


Danielle said...

listerine does wonders for a sore throat!!! oh yea, and it keeps the mosquiters away ;)

terry said...

Good for toe fungus too I hear.