Wednesday, November 05, 2008

2 sick kids

it gets better: both my kids are sick now. i'm so grateful it's not affecting their temperments! sadie got sick mom nite and i tried to call their pedi yesterday, but she is on vacation for 2 weeks. not a huge deal except that her replacement doesn't accept tricare! wtf? so i had to call tricare to get 2 separate referrals, one for each kid, to go to the urgent care. it took almost an hour on the phone to get them...annoying! i was NOT about to take them to the ER for colds, which was my other option. stupid if u ask me. anyways, they got seen last night and they have a viral thingy going around. sadie also has pink eye. dr said it's very common in little ones, but of course i freaked. gross! but she seems to be better today already so i guess its ok lol. they both have very wet coughs and raspy breathing, and runny noses. *sigh* we try to teach lil kenny to share, guess he figured it out haha!
oh and i've been using lysol disinfectant spray all over, lysol wipes on frequently used surfaces, and germ-x hand sanitizer for everyone (except sadie of course). i use wipies for her, they do have a bit of alcohol in them. hopefully, i can kill whatever this virus is. i'm on a mission of death! die virus die!!


Danielle said...

yep, my kids got it too...fricken nasty....Jake crapped 5 times today and still counting.

Rebekah Moore said...

lucky me: no pooping or vomit or even fevers...just cough and runny noses!

terry said...

Oh my gosh! Jake crapped 5 times??? And I"m supposed to come over there Saturday for a BabyCrazy party, I can't afford to crap anymore than I do already. Maybe I should wear a mask?