Sunday, September 24, 2006

been way too long...

ok i apologize to all the parties who are terribly upset at me for taking way too long to post on here, but i have some great new pics! as you all know i'm in arizona with my family. it has been wonderful seeing my nieces and nephew and my sister and my parents. i must admit it is a little strange seeing her in a home without john. we miss him terribly. she is doing well. her huge house is starting to look european-like and beautiful (she brought some italy home with her). my younger sister was also able to come out for a week so that was a fabulous touch to my visit. we all do miss our husbands though; sarah's husband, john, was KIA last december in afghanistan, where my husband, kenny, is currently and will be for another few months, and eliza's husband, kevin, is in north dakota on a contract job for a few months also.
well enjoy these few morsels. i will do more later on.