Tuesday, January 27, 2009

quickie but goodie

we are in our new house! we got our stuff yesterday! we are cleaning and unpacking (not necessarily in that order) and having so much fun doing it! we have so much space! and we are in so much pain! feet, knees, legs, back, pinched nerves, swollen legs and feet...ouch! my degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis are trying to ruin my happiness! kenny's hurting pretty bad too. between the packup, the cleaning of the old house, the living in the hotel, the move here (thankfully only 2.5 hrs), the cleaning, the unpacking...every single day for a week can really wear a person down. we r in bed early and try to get up early to get some work done before the kids get up. i simply dread getting out of bed, not b/c i don't wanna work, but b/c the pain is so bad in my feet, knees, legs and back that i don't wanna put the weight on them. it'll take us a bit longer than we wanted to to get the house unpacked b/c of our physical limitations, but we will get it done. i have to say God has been good to us. He has provided for us even before we knew we needed provisions.
i ttok pix of the naked house after the old guy's stuff was out and before they delivered ours. i will get them up as soon as i can. once we get settled i will take more pix ad post those too. be patient, they're coming:)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


ok so it's been awhile since i last wrote. we were so extremely busy with the move that i just couldn't sit down long enough to blog. so here's an update for u:
we cleared housing yesterday, which means we are homeless! and we are so happy about it haha! i wasn't as sad to leave the house as i thought i would be. i know we have a fabulous place to move into and i am so excited to be starting a new and improved chapter in our lives. we are happy to be out of the army for good. we've suffered long enough.
for the next couple of days, probably til saturday, we are staying in the temporary housing on ft drum. it's like a tiny appt: bedroom with a bed and dresser, living area with a sofa bed and chair bed and a tv, small kitchen area with a mini fridge and a microwave. the bathroom is the best amenity so far! it's pretty decent sized, not like a small hotel bathroom. the dog has his kennel in the kitchen, so that room is now a small hallway haha! it'll work just fine for a few days, but i can't wait to spread my wings in our new palace. and i can't wait to decorate!!!
we are so glad the worst part of the move is over. having the movers pack the house and load the truck was pretty traumatizing to me. i don't know what is in each box, i don't know where our stuff is and i have no control over it's safety. it's driving me crazy! kenny had to tell the movers like 5 different times that our stuff has to go into storage til monday. they wanted to deliver it today! they called yesterday and asked us what time it would be good to deliver it and kenny had to tell them yet again that we aren't there lol. sheesh.
anyways, we are going to try to take the next couple days or so to relax and relieve some stress if we can. we worked pretty hard clearing that house (we're packrats and we had alot of stuff to throw out and sell [i say WE and i mean KENNY!]) and our bodies ache all over. it's a good thing we had 3 days to clear it b/c we needed all of them. the only direction to look now is forward! and it's a promise of a better life ahead of us! God has been good and i pray He continues to provide for us. it's a better life we aim for but there are potential struggles looming ahead. all i can do is pray.
love to all!!