Friday, August 04, 2006

veggie tales hanging shelves

today we watched a veggie tales movie. it was about rack, shack and benny; josh and the big wall; and a story about the good samaritan. he liked bob the tomatoe. he kept trying to grab him on the tv. he gave a good swipe to junior asparagas too when he had gotten bombarded with a slushie. and of course he takes his strolls all day long.
my shelves came in today too! he helped me put them together. once i get them all pretty and decorated with nice things i will take pics for everyone. still waiting for my table and chairs...

my little boy

he is getting so big! and he certainly loves those saltine crackers. he would sit in that chair all day and eat them! he always tucks his toes under the lip of his tray. he does that in his stroller, too. oh i forgot to tell all that i bought him a new pair of sandals. he grew out of the old ones. the new one are size 5!!

face shots

just a few face shots we had fun taking. enjoy!

more snapshots

lil kenny is still figuring out the whole walking issue. he does really good when he uses his little waking toy thingy. lol. we bought this for him when daddy was in the states for his R&R. my living room isnt big wnough for him. he keeps getting stopped by furniture and he gets frustrated if he cant manipulate the toy around things. he has a good time though.


i know i havent posted anything in a while. sorry, dani! here is a collection of snapshots taken at various places featuring the little man in various activities. he is sporting tucker's sunglasses and he is very cute doing it. one time he was standing up holding on to the ottoman and he decided he didnt want the sunglasses on anymore. so he grabbed them with one hand and pulled them off, then he grabbed them with the other hand, too. he wasnt paying any attention to the fact that he was standing all by himself!! yay, big boy! he only stands for a few econds when he does it and he makes a big production of it too. he will sit down and throw his hands on the floor to make alot of noise to attract my attention. if i look at him, he makes a whiny noise to get sympathy and tell mommy that he fell down. now if i watch him out of the corner of my eye and dont look right at him, and he thinks im not paying attention he goes right back about his business. its so funny! he throws little fits now too. he has an attitude on him. as dana says, i wonder where he got that from! haha! i think my husband would agree.
the other pictures are of him playing with his toys at miss dana's house. it was friday so him and i were both wearing red. we wear red on fridays to show our support for our troops. we love you, daddy. and we miss you very much!