Friday, April 27, 2007

spittin image!!!

we were at a restaurant eating dinner and nathan was exhausted so he passed out. well kenny can go all day long, as u can see here. but what i wanted to u all to really see is that face. tell me he is not the spittin image of his father at that age! except for his blue eyes...those he got from me!

easter sunday

easter was fun! we had the neighbors lay out all the eggs with the jellybeans in them on their floor so the babies could find them easily. the kids had a hard time opening them but they found out if they threw them on the tile floor the eggs would break and they could get the jellybeans haha! kenny's pants were a bit too big and they ended up falling off a bit later on. he is wearing a white dress shirt and his new 'best' as his daddy used to call his vests. u can totally see his beautiful blue eyes in the last pic. he is so beautiful. i'm so glad he's mine.

i wasnt kidding

see? i told u! they insist on baths together. kenny was still dressed and that didnt stop him from getting in the tub haha!

boyz in the tub

after a long day of easter egg hunting and candy eating, the boyz needed a bath. well they were both crabby so i decided to get them in a bubble bath at my house. as u can see, bubbles are an instant smile-maker. both of them LOVE baths and insist on taking them together every night haha! the other little boy here is my upstairs neighbor, dawn's son. he will be 2 in july. these 2 are definitely 2 peas in a pod! and yes, nathaniel was eating bubbles.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

newest additions

we got new babies! the brown guinea pig with the white saddle is named 'hershey squirt' and the brown one with the rosettes and the light brown swirl is called 'brownie cheesecake.' you should hear em squeaking to each other haha! we got hershey 2 days ago, but he was lonely and scared and didnt do anything. so i went today and got one of his brothers. they talk all the time and race around the cage. its so totally cute! im glad i got the 2nd one. they havent figured out how to use the giant walk-around ball yet tho. i might have to get another one later since it would be too funny to see them try to go in opposite directions in the same ball haha! its so fun and cute hearing them squeak and play. im so glad i got them both. i needed the cute distraction.