Thursday, February 15, 2007

mug tree

im certain that this pic needs some explanation. this isnt just any old mug tree. my mom had a mug tree when i wasa kid and i have always wanted one. well i bought these new dishes sets. the orange ones are round and the green ones are square. theya re the colest, most awesome place settings!! and i can interchange them for dinners and stuff. anyways, the settings came with 4 of each: mugs, dinner plates, lunch plates and bowls. so i had 8 coffee mugs. well i searched high and low for a mug rack for 8. all i kept seeing was ones to hold 6 mugs. so after being frustrated i was absolutely elated to find one that holds 8 mugs. i found it on ebay and its amish made. well i picked it up today and i almost cried! it is absolutely gorgeous!!! its perfect! and the guy i bought it from wrapped it up with so much so happy with it i could cry! i know. im a dork.
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terry said...

Nice....if a tree mug makes you that happy then I have a few ideas for next Christmas.

Danielle said...

well you are a dork....but the mug tree is cool!