Thursday, September 04, 2008

the swashbuckler

i think i found the cutest pirate ever!! he even says 'aarrrgghh matey' hehe! guess what he is gonna be for halloween..
we bought the dog a cage (which he LOVES) and the kid seemed to think it was a playyard for him. i was hard to get him out of there! he threw a fit! but he is still cute!
and then we found this kid robbing our house!! we tickled him mercilessly and he finally gave up.


Danielle said...

evan was a pirate last year.....cute costume!!

Rebekah Moore said...

lil k was too! some if this outfit is left over form that and will be used again this year lol.

terry said...

I like that hair. I miss halloween...nobody walks upstairs to my apt for candy. Haven't had a kid show up for halloween in years. boo hoo.Maybe I can go out this year with Evan????????? Please, please, just a few houses around the neighborhood. I'll make sure I eat the candy so he doesn't get poisened or anything.