Monday, October 30, 2006


for halloween this year i went as a dead punk rocker...or i could have been a female member of KISS. this first pic is of my friend, michelle, and some guy named jeffery that i had never met before.
as you can see by my costume i was trying to "camouflage" my fat...haha! no i was wearing camo to keep my husband close to me. i'm also wearing our dogtags. i have them on the same chain. our son will get them one day.
the party was at my friends, stacey and bobby's, house. a bunch of people showed up that i havent seen in YEARS! it was nice to see them and to be seen. its unfortunate that it has to be a party for me to spend time with these people, but i'm a happy and fulfilled mommy and wife. i dont have the time or the desire to be partying all the time like they do. i see this group maybe twice a year. thats enough for me!
take these pics of me with a grain of salt. they arent meant to be offensive, but to show a fun, childish adult side of me. dressing up is fun. i had a good time. and my friends still love me even thought we never see each other any
oh and dont freak out, dani. the arm tatoos are fake!
love to my families

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terry said...

You know, you kinda look like Boy George in that first pic! j/k

Danielle said...

Very scary...did lil kenny scream when he saw you? I did!

terry said...

I know what it is! She looks like one of the Judds.

becka moore said...

wynona judd? are you saying i'm fat mother?? thanks alot!! i love you too. and no, dani, kenny didnt scream at me. i put the wih on a few times during the week so he wouldnt be scared. i didnt let him see me all dressed up though. the face paint would have scared him.