Saturday, October 14, 2006

feeding himself

for all of you who say i dont let my kid feed himself b/c i dont want the're right! i hate the mess, but i found out today that if i let him feed himself and just clean afterwards i can actually sit down and relax for like an entire hour!! the first pics are of him in his spiderman jammies eating lunch. yes, he was in jammies all day, so was i. but he had a whole banana, some cottage cheese and crackers with his juice/water. i must say he did such a fabulous job feeding himself that i let him feed himself dinner too. boy did he make a mess! he was so dirty i had to throw him in the tub and change his clothes again. and clean the chair, the booster seat and everything else he touched or spilled on. but he was happy! and i got to watch an entire movie with very few interruptions from the little guy. i was so happy. he did so good. i'm so proud of him!

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Hey, his daddy looks like that after he eats too!