Saturday, October 07, 2006

baby's first b-day

for the baby's first birthday we shared it with his cousing, olivia, who also turned one and with his papa who turned 55 on 23sept. if you can tell at all from the pics my son would NOT jump in the cake! he would just touch it with his index finger on his right hand to get a feel. olivia dove in and had it everywhere. but for some reason my son was very neat and wouldnt make a mess. i wonder where he gets that from? definitely NOT his father. haha! he got a pull-along caterpillar and a v-teck book and backyardigins 'dinnerware' from his gramma and papa. he got clothes from his aunt sarah and a cute squishy monkey and a puppy book, too. i think you can see it in one of the pics. i got him a train and a really cool musical stacking tower with rings that light up. we had so much fun that day. my two sisters made the cake for the babies. and we had lotsa good food. oh i forgot to mention grammy also bought lil kenny a drum, which he loves, and a walmart shopping cart. it spends most of its playtime tipped over. the little man got phone calls from his aunt alisha, aunt dani, aunt tj (few days late but she sang happy birthday!! nobody else did...totally makes up for it! haha!), some of mommy's friends called too. it was a good day. i can't believe he is a whole year old! he is so big now. and he has such a personality. he gets frustrated easily by his toys when they dont do what he wants (he gets that from me, poor kid). the first night we were home he didnt wanna sleep in his crib so he screamed for a half hour. the next day he was hoarse! i couldnt believe it. but he is ok now and goes to bed just as well as before we left. he is my sunshine and i love him.

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