Friday, October 13, 2006

second first birthday

we had a second first birthday party for the lil guy. my friend, dana, brought her boys and my friend, michelle, came with her mom. baby got a garbage truck from miss dana. how funny is that? is says things like 'woah. that stinks!' and '*burp* yummy.' it says some other things too. it's fabulous! the boys got him a firetruck. it's so cute. miss shelly and carol got him a toy organizer. its fabulous! it has 2 shelves of bins and a storage chest. and it matches his bedroom colors! i love it! we had a little cake, too. AND I MADE THE BEST DINNER EVER!!! ok i had a little help, thanks dana and carol. but it rocked totally. it was so great to have my favorite boys and my favorite friends all together with me. i'm not as lonely as i think. we love you, daddy! ps. a little sidenote on the hat. it says 'dont feed the monkeys' on it! thanks shelly.

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