Thursday, November 16, 2006

steve young

we had a guest at our house today, steve young, in the flesh!
he even brought his own sippy cup. how polite of him!
he looks ready to play some football, gettin' hyped for the game, hydrating, slammin some juice. thats the only jersey my kid owns and the only jersey he will own. unless when he is older, like in school, he wants to play sports than he can have his own. but kenny and i dont watch sports, arent into sports, dont care about sports. except my wrestling!! im still looking for wwe clothes for him. wont daddy just hate me for it? haha!

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Danielle said...

So cute....All Evans outfits are sporty...thanks to his daddy. blah!

terry said...

Is wrestling really a sport?

becka moore said...

of course wrestling is a sport! its physical. havent u ever seen how sweaty and out of breath they get picking each other up and throwing each other around? haha

TJ said...

but then again by rebekah's def. you can see why she considers sex a sport too... hahahahahaha I crack myself up!!!

becka moore said...

good one tj!