Thursday, August 07, 2008

gramma and the babies at mcd's

we met up at a mcdonald's right of the thruway. my mom and aunt flew up from az to be with their mom. my mother just spent a month in florida with her mom and helped transfer gram up to ma. these last 8 months have been pretty rough on my mom. her father just died about 6 weeks ago and now her mom is feeble too. she just had to have another surgery. we are still waiting for news on her condition. i know she is in ICU and is heavily medicated. i'm glad we got to see mom for a couple hours, better than not at all! i wanted to see my gram in the hospital too but they decided it would be too much excitement and gram is really weak. it's hard being so close and yet so far away.
my mom really enjoyed her grandbabies! she loves to kiss their cheeks! alot! haha!

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Danielle said...

glad your mom enjoyed the kids!