Friday, July 14, 2006

ahhh, the pontoon boat.

and here we have the pontoon boat. this was the highlight of the day. and to think i didnt want to go out on it. i do not know where the gripping fear i have of water and boats. i dont like lakes, oceans, ponds...anything. i like a pool and thats it. i dont know why. i mean, seriously, you would never know i served in the navy? anyways, i think that my sailor blood went straight into little kenny. he couldnt get enough of that water. he checked out every boat that passed. we even had a water plane take off over us. he had to peek out the side and check out the water. this was his first time on a boat. i think we will do this again sometime. he was a fantastic kid today. and he had such a good time.


terry said...

Didn't Kenny get to drive the boat yet? Next time maybe.

becka moore said...

he was more interested in the water. and mr. myer was giving a tour and throwing his hands out to point at things. didnt think it was a good time for kenny to sit on his lap and drive. haha!

Danielle said...

Those are the cutest pics!