Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Birthday USA!!

Happy 4th to everyone! I want to send out our love and support to all our troops serving here and abroad. We are proud of you and appreciate what you do for us and for your country. I want my husband to know how much I love him and am so proud of him. He sacrifices everyday to fight for what he believes in and fights for a people who don't always agree with his mission. It is because of him and his fellow soldiers, sailors and marines that we are able to continually celebrate this day. Happy Birthday to the United States of America!
i dint have a patriotic shirt with a flag on it for the little guy so we made up our own outfit to show our love for our country and our support for our troops. red onesie, white and blue striped socks and camouflage shorts. hey, it works for us. and he is so darn cute!

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terry said...

Ah he's cute no matter what he wears,(but you could've gotten a little flag for him to wave or poke somebodys eye out with).