Wednesday, July 26, 2006

a day at thae beach

so today we went to the beach. it was supposed to rain and be ugly but we got so lucky. it was sunshiny and the waves were nice and big. we had such a good time. before i go on, i will explain who 'we' is. lil man and i went with my friend, dana, and her three boys, trent 10, trevor 7, and tucker 5. its a good thing we got the explorer b/c we NEVER would have fit everybody into her little ford focus. lol. but we had a blast! i did good slathering the baby in sunscreen but i didnt do as well with myself. i got fried. my feet, my shins, my thighs, my upper back and face. my legs are so crispy that they hurt if i get up to walk. yikes! my back just radiates heat. i'm like a walking furnace. lol. ive been burnt like this before so i know it will go away and i will be fine. maybe ill even get some color! i also got some more freckles. ugh!
they baby decided he wanted to explore the beach all by himself so i had to wander around with him so he wouldnt go in the water and drown. he wanted to crawl so i let him. he has little bruises on his knees and legs from the sand. they dont bother him though. he had a wonderful time. just look at his face! he wasnt too happy to be in the water though. i dont know why. we kept getting splashed by the waves and he would wine about it. the water was fabulous. trevor has a phobia with water and he cant swim, so dana and i had to rescue him when the waves rolled in to quick for him. he was very brave though.
oh and there was this little 9 month old girl next to us with her parents. and she was walking! her mom said she started walking at 7 1/2 months! it was crazy. she was too totally cute though. even though i look like a steamed lobster, we had a very fun day. i'm so glad the weather was good. oh and we stopped at pennocks and got ice cream on the way home. thats has been a family tradition with my parents and my sisters since we were kids. it was nostalgic, but strange that i was the adult now. i miss my family. but we have some great memories!


Danielle said...

HAHAHA...the mohawk is the best! EEEWWWWWW SUNBURN! I hate those, probably the worst feeling in the world...well that and getting a papercut between your toes. Anywho...glad to see you had a good time and kenny looks totally cute!

terry said...

Why would anybody get a papercut between their toes?