Saturday, July 01, 2006

tv watcher

look at how handsome the little man is getting to be. right after i took this picture he got all crabby b/c he was tired. i put on baby einstein to keep him occupied but when he is tired i either have to booby him to sleep or throw him in his crib and shut the door and let him cry for 30 seconds. so i put him in his crib. and he cried for less than 10 seconds and was out like a light. poor thing was so sleepy. i bought a goose down pillowtop for our bed and it came in yesterday. the baby thinks its the grreatest thing. when i drop him on it he sinks into the cushion and he loves it. i love it to, makes for some comfy sleeping. it really helps with my back and hips. keeps me from getting sore spots from the weight of my body. everyone should have one. ok now that i'm done writing you can all become enamoured of my beautiful kid. i sure wish his daddy was here.

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terry said...

Can hardly wait to see you two! Better not change your mind about our visit or I'll come up and kidnap the kid!!! Then you'll just have to come down and get him anyway ha ha ha.