Monday, July 24, 2006

sleeping baby

my husband has been after me to get some pics of the baby sleeping. so i got a couple. the first one is his old bedding set that his gramma gave him. i love the sheet. well. i wanted to give him something more boy-ish and it costs so much to buy one, that i made him a bedding set. you can see some of the pieces in the second pic. there's also an orange ruffle. i make sure he has lots of toys to play with. as you can see. they are all soft except for the phone grammy got him that you can also see. he likes to bang things and make noise so i gave him one hard toy that he can bang ot his leisure. or call his grammy, whichever.


Danielle said...

Aren't they the cutest when they are sleeping?

terry said...

I haven't gotten any calls lately, sure he knows the number?