Monday, April 24, 2006

tubby baby

here they are! the classic tub shots. look at those cute cheeks. he has fun in the tub. he likes to splash mommy and play with his rinse cup. i got a cool new think to wash him with. its made so that mommies can keep one hand on their kid when washing. it has a handle with a cap that opens on the bottom so you can add baby wash in it. on the other end it has a sponge on one side and a soft scalp brush on the other. you squeeze a button on the handle and it releases the soap onto the little sponge. then you scrub away on the little tyke using just one hand. i think the kid likes it. he's always trying to grab it.
look at that face! he's a serious bathtaker.


Danielle said...

I love his cute little bum!

terry said...

Really now, are these blackmail shots for when he's older and has a girlfriend?