Sunday, August 26, 2007

go here and sign this petition

the importance of the mental health of our troops returning from deployments is a major issue for rock group 'drowning pool.' this weekend here in upstate ny we had about 40 bands performing to raise money for our troops. there has been a petition created by 'drowning pool' to a congressman to get our returning troops the help they need when they return home. 'drowning pool' has been to baghdad, kuwait and other places to play for our deployed troops. this is an important issue for them, as they respect and thank our troops for their hard work and sacrifices they make for us every day. please show ur support. please sign this petition. u would be chocked to learn how soldiers r being blown off by their commands and not given the help they need. u cant return from war and not be changed somehow. these men and women need our help! please visit this site and sign this petition. lets show our troops we do support them before, during and after a deployment. do it for kenny. do it for me. do it for ur loved one serving. do it b/c u care. God Bless America and Her Fighting Men and Women! (pic is link to site)

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