Thursday, October 23, 2008

the circus was in town!

due to the fact it was dark and my cameras all suck, these pix look terrible and i'm sorry. but if u look closely u can make out a few things lol. u can see the elephants, the high wire ppl and some clowns haha! i stopped trying to take pix. sadie wasn't cooperating and i was frustrated that they all came out dark rrgghh! enjoy what u can! fyi: this was the ringling brothers barnum and baileys circus. and all frustration aaside, it was spectacular! they had little mini dashunds doing tricks. they were lil k's favorite part. he kept shouting 'wook at the puppies!' hehe! i personally loved the elephants. they are so majestic and graceful for such huge animals! they did the typical elephant tricks but i loved to watch them anyways lol. the white tigers were beautiful, too. if only i could keep one and cuddle with it. they looked so soft and lovable. they had girls climbing the ropes and swinging on the rings and doing their tricks and spins. we're definitely going to see them again and again! but from now on, i will NOT bring any babies!!! she was up past her bedtime and crying, couldnt sleep b/c it was so loud. i tried to hook her up to me but she couldnt relax enough to stop fussing. it was awful. she was too little to enjoy any of it anyways. at least my son had a great time and daddy did too!

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