Thursday, May 07, 2009


updates on everyone:

kenny was medically retired on march 19th and he couldn't be more relieved! he is currently awaiting the VA's decisions for his disability rating. he is uncertain whether he can go to school or not and is waiting to see how that pans out. i must say after having him gone for 16 months and then working 12-15 hour days with the army i am so thrilled to have him home all day long! no, i haven't tried to kill him yet...actually we get along so much better, we don't fight nearly as much as we used too. of course the stress levels have seriously diminished now that the army is out of our lives. thank God!!

lil kenny-
lil kenny is a fantastic big brother! he loves his sissy girl and he is very helpful and takes good care of her. of course, he is still a boy and very protective of his toys and gets mad when sissy tries to play with his cars/trucks lol. he still gets a little jealous sometimes of sadie needing mommy so much and will come at me with a blanket and say 'mommy holda me.' he's so cute! when gram was here she was surprised at how well he knows his colors and shapes and objects. i think he might be ready for preschool...altho i am not looking forward to letting my kid go anywhere without mommy! he is still having issues with potty training. he knows what to do and where to do it but he gets preoccupied with playing or watching tv and waits til the last second to race to the bathroom and doesn't make it all the time. he also wets the bed every night and during naps. his dr says it's probably just the effect of the move here. i guess i can agree since he had dry undies most nights before we moved and was fully potty trained. we had to put him back in pullups at night b/c i was getting tired of washing his sheets every single day. hopefully he will get it together soon so we can get him into preschool. or not and he can just stay at home with mommy longer haha:) he is in the 90th percentile for his height/weight/age. certainly a big boy!

sadie still refuses to walk. she will creep slowly along furniture and can stand by herself for a few seconds, but she doesn't like to and she will sit down. she finally cut her first teeth about a week ago! she has 2 little ones poking thru the bottom and it's super cute! they say it's easier for babies to cut teeth when they are older and so far that does seem to be the pulling on her ears, no diarrhea or diaper rashes, no fussing. i do give her teething tablets just in case, but she seems to be ok. she was certainly becoming a champ at gumming her food to death haha! i gave her her 1st haircut the other day to even out the ends in the back and to get rid of the crazy scraggly bangs she had and make them even. her hair grows in weird on one side (it grows forward instead of down) so it sticks out a little now. my sister told me her 2 daughters had the same issue when they were little too...weird genetics i guess lol. she is still pretty petite but she eats like a hog. she is almost 15 mos old and still wears 9 month size pants...i buy 12 months sizes for her. she will fit into them eventually haha! she is in the 50th percentile for her age/size. all her aunties are little so i guess she just doesn't take after me!!

i have finally gotten to the point where i am done being this fat. i have a few friends who have been losing weight and they have been inspirations to me to do the same. kenny got me my recumbant bike early so that i could start using it. i do 5 miles almost every morning and i also have one of those fitness balls that i use for stretching/strengthening. it takes about an hour to do everything. i'm also watching calories and taking metabolism boosters. hopefully in another few weeks i will have myself trained to eat better and burn off more calories. i am eating less more often and using slim fast shakes to get my vitamins/minerals and help keep the calorie count lower. i am not looking to be skinny (i will leave that to my sisters), but to drop back down to a healthier size. besides, i can't have any more babies til i lose some weight! my body can't handle it. so that's a good motivation for me haha! oh and i finally got back on my crazy pills so i'm a happier person haha!

kenny got a runner for the dog, so he spends most of the day outside chasing things and barking at people who walk by.

the cat is getting to be a big boy. he likes to sit in front of the windows/doors and make weird noises at the birds.

bunny bunny likes to eat, drink and crap all over. lil k takes him out everyday to get his 'handling' but not until after he locks the cat in the basement. kiki thinks bunny bunny is a toy.

so now ur all caught up...for now. who knows when i will write again:)

love to all!


Rachel 'The housewife' said...

Glad you finally wrote post. its nice to be caught up. And good for you exersizing. You'll feel much better physically and emotionally. Keep it up!!

terry said...

Now since you and Kenny are on a weight loss program I guess I'll have to start doing better myself. Next time I come up we'll be able to go out jogging together.