Thursday, December 25, 2008

my gift from my hubby

i do not know what this thing is called. it's made from metal and it has some kind of glittery stuff applied to it so that when the light hits it while it spins around it looks like a sunburst. it starts in the center and moves outward, like smaller to larger 'rings' of light. it's wicked beautiful! and of course, it's orange hehe! the pics don't do it justice, trust me. the bottom piece is like a giant corkscrew and when it spins, the orange glass ball looks like its moving up and down inside it. i hope when we move i get a huge window to put it in front of so i can see it sparkle all day long!
sorry the pix r horizontal, i couldn't get them to flip.


terry said...

Pretty....where did he get a thing like that????

Rebekah Moore said...

we found it at the mall in syracuse when he had his multiple VA apts. they had quite a few different kids and they were so beautiful! i want a house full of 'em but they are a bit pricey. i hope i get a good spot with lotsa sun in the new house so it can throw sparkles all around me!

Danielle said...

its sooooo pretty!!! thanx for posting it!