Monday, December 01, 2008

princess and the sippy cup

all of a sudden today, sadie is the princess of sippy cups! i've been trying to get her to hold her own cup but she couldn't figure out the concept of feeding herself. she just figured out how to eat zweiback toast on her own haha! so after she ate her bowl of cereal and half a jar of tender chicken and stars, she was thirsty and i gave her juice/water in her sippy cup. she wanted me to hold it for her, but i made her do it. took her all of 2 seconds to figure it out lol. anyways, she kept drinking and drinking and she fell asleep! she woke up after a few minutes but it was cute and thought i would share it with you all. enjoy!

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Danielle said...

that is cute! I still havent started jake on solids or anything! he once had a bowl of cereal and a couple spoonfuls of peas but he wasnt into that stuff much...ill probably still wait a couple more months.